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Client Feedback

" Hi Shane,
Wanted to again thank you for being able to take me on as a new client so quickly (by having slots reserved for new clients) and deliberately setting your space up to be as comfortable as possible to get to the root of why I first visited you and not beat around the bush.
The conversations we had empowered me to continue to make decisions that put me first above everyone else, respectfully, and I saw the guidance you gave me working immediately. I’ve leaped and bounded above everything since our last chat, am happily talking to that new friend and doing better than ever at work.
This is all only possible because I felt listened to and heard for the decisions I’d made prior to our first meeting. Your ability to also open up about your own personal experiences gave me the confidence that I wasn’t the only one that’s been where I am.
Visiting you has allowed me to completely leave all of my past in the past and wipe the slate clean to open myself up to new experiences as my most authentic self and I’ll forever be grateful for your genuine passion for this profession.
Thanks again for everything Shane, will recommend you to anyone I know who could benefit from talking to you the same way I have.
Best and kind regards, "

" Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Men's Counsellor, Shane Staunton. I had particularly sought out a male counsellor who understands the way men listen. Someone with the confidence to advise a client with a sensitive problem. I didn’t want a counsellor who just reflected back the client's words in a patronising voice.....
Shane was perfect. Firstly he provided a comfortable and welcoming consultation area. The counselling and targeting the issue felt like a friendly conversation. Through that conversation, Shane identified some key issues causing stress. Shane offered interesting and diverse strategies and checked that I was comfortable to try a few. I didn’t ever feel patronised, Shane made me feel like I was involved in the whole process. 
I left the consultation with confidence I had been heard and if I put these strategies into practise my stress levels would decrease.
In subsequent consultations Shane listened to outcomes, improvement and changes made between the counselling sessions, and reviewed my progress. 

I was very happy with the measurable outcomes I achieved from my sessions with Shane. I am happy to recommend Shane’s counselling style and his professional expertise. ”

"Just the couple of sessions (he) had with you made a real impact on him. You are only the second person (he) has opened up to and felt good about doing so."
(Family of client)

Shane Staunton in Caprioli's cap

Practice Principal, Shane Staunton, brings a depth of understanding from a wide experience of metropolitan and rural life, from corporate head offices to cattle stations. Making meaningful differences to the mental wellbeing of people since 2008, he is an ACA Registered Counsellor, and is affiliated with both the American Psychological Association and the Australian Psychological Society.

He is client-centred and uses an evidence-based, integrative approach that includes Positive Psychology/Positive Masculinity, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, and Strength-Based Therapy.

"I work alongside you to help you understand and process concerns in a way that takes you towards your values, goals and plans. A client-centred approach is firstly about my respect for you and your ability to make the best decisions for your situation from effective options that are explored and developed in the consultation process." .. Shane Staunton

Professional memberships:
Australian Counselling Association (ACA) |  Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. (AAPi) |  American Psychological Association (APA)

Recognised Provider for Medibank Private, AHM, Doctors Health Fund, Emergency Services Health,
Grand United, Phoenix Health Fund, Police Health, and St. Luke's Health

Men's Counselling Specialist is a registered business name recorded on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's (ASIC) register

under section 33(8) of the Business Names Registration Act 2011.

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