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REFUND POLICY - Organisations

Access to appointment times within relatively short timeframes is key to this specialty service. 


To hold your appointment time, please make full payment by the due date and time.

Once paid the booking is firm, and the appointment time is reserved for you.

To cancel the appointment, notice is required more than 72 hours before the appointment time for a full refund.

Given the short timeframes and arrangements required, no refund applies for notice received less than 24 hours before the appointment, and a cancellation fee of $500 applies, or if mutually rescheduled, a $200 fee, if less than 72 hours notice before the appointment is received.

Notice must be given in writing and is acceptable if received within the relevant timeframes by email or SMS.

If cancellation initiated by Clayfield Counselling with less than 72 hours notice, a $200 rebate applies if the appointment can be mutually rescheduled, or if it must be cancelled then a full refund will apply.  Any refund to be paid under this policy will be processed within 48 hours of becoming applicable.


Client confidentiality and privacy are paramount. Confidential information is not provided to anyone without clear authorisation or legal order, including an individual client's next of kin. It is, however, mandatory for the counsellor to report an awareness of risk of harm to others or to the client themselves.

The only information gathered is that required for the provision of professional counselling services, and it is stored securely on the Apple iCloud® platform and the Square® transactional platform with industry-leading security protection. Unless legally instructed otherwise under Australian law, access is only by the client's attending counsellor.

Should the attending counsellor be incapacitated and a legal requirement arises, the practice manager in that case has emergency access sufficient to complete any tasks specified to meet legal requirements.

Contextual aspects of a case may be shared by the attending counsellor with their professional counselling supervisor to meet ethical obligations in the best interests of the client to provide the best possible professional care. 


For more information please refer the Australian Counselling Association's Scope of Practice available at


Attending counsellors are members of the Australian Counselling Association and conduct professional counselling services under its ethical and professional requirements. 
Should a concern arise, the first step is to raise this with Shane Staunton of Clayfield Counselling, by explaining that you wish to make a complaint.
If your concern is not adequately resolved to your satisfaction, the next step is to raise the issue with the Australian Counselling Association providing sufficient details for them to thoroughly and fairly assess the issue and make a finding.

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