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"The conversations we had empowered me to continue to make decisions that put me first above everyone else, respectfully, and I saw the guidance you gave me working immediately. I’ve leaped and bounded above everything since our last chat..."

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Appointments available within three to ten days for new clients 
comfortably away from the pressure of normal business hours:

Monday to Thursday from 6PM, and Saturday from 9AM

Professional assistance for men for:
- prevention as well as treatment of burnout, anxiety, stress, depression
- personal and work relationship issues
- significant life changes
- grief and loss- trauma, and more...

Appointments available for new clients
   within 3 to 10 days

In-person or telephone/online appointments
- Monday to Thursday from 6PM

 - Saturday from 9AM


Contactable 24/7

Any of the following options will enable a response within 24 hours:

  • Complete the Contact form

  • Send a text message by SMS, or

  • Call the practice mobile phone

0438 085 521


For any questions regarding the form,

please SMS 0438 085 521

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