Shane, Men's Counselling Specialist
"The conversations we had empowered me to continue to make decisions that put me first above everyone else, respectfully, and I saw the guidance you gave me working immediately. I’ve leaped and bounded above everything since our last chat..."
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Men's mental health services

Burnout & Stress

Identifying, managing and recovering from overwhelming mental fatigue.


Managing relationships with partners / spouses / colleagues / clients. 


Techniques to effectively manage and gain relief from unsettling, spinning thoughts and feelings.

Life Transitions

Managing the challenges of change - whether planned, unavoidable or unforeseen. 

Trauma, Grief & Loss

Coping with significant, ongoing sorrow, hyper-vigilance or distress.

Pre-commitment Decisions 

Preparation for a significant relationship, whether in your personal life or in business.

Appointment types & fees

In Person

Appointment at consulting rooms in Clayfield, Brisbane, QLD 4011, at an agreed time.


1 hour ......... $ 159

1.5 hours .... $ 199

Telehealth - Phone 

You will be called at, or just after, an agreed appointment time.


1 hour ......... $ 129

Practice rebates available for clients with doctor's referral (with or without mental health plans) and services personnel.

Please contact us for details...